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pyuv-1.4.0: 2017-07-08 12:02:45 - pyuv version 1.4.0

@saghul saghul released this
· 4 commits to v1.x since this release
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Version 1.4.0
 - misc: sign tags
 - build: fix libuv cleanup if it was already clean
 - build: add scripts to build manylinux wheels using Docker
 - timers: emit warning if sub-millisecond accuracy is requested
 - udp: add .send_queue_size
 - core: avoid _Py_DEC_REFTOTAL when not defined
 - core: do not rely on tp_clear being non-NULL
 - core: work around cpyext tuple restrictions
 - test: account for pypy in traceback tests
 - test: close loop handles
 - test: convert weakref into handle lifetime test
 - test: encode stderr as utf-8 under python 2
 - test: delete handles and clean up in teardown
 - ci: add pypy to tox and travis
 - build: support building with MinGW-w64
 - misc: update classifiers in
 - misc: use single quotes in
 - doc: fix  documentation on Idle handles
 - doc: fix note directive usage.
 - build: raised libuv revision to tag 1.12.0
 - build: fix unicode errors on Windows 10
 - ci: add Python 3.6
 - tests: fix TCP test (socket is already closed)
 - ci: turn off annoying Travis notifications
 - ci: run only on long-term branches
 - ci: use new PyPy version on Travis
 - deps: add libuv sources v1.12.0
 - build: use setuptools to build libuv
 - pipe: expose Pipe.ipc attribute
 - docs: update IPC docs
 - pipe: add abstract namespace support
 - misc: update classifiers
 - core: set version to 1.4.0
 - core: update libuv to version 1.13.1
 - build: only link with kvm on netbsd