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txiki.js — The tiny JavaScript runtime


txikia (basque): small, tiny.

txiki.js is a small and powerful JavaScript runtime. It targets state-of-the-art ECMAScript and aims to be WinterCG compliant.

It's built on the shoulders of giants: it uses QuickJS-ng as its JavaScript engine and libuv as the platform layer.

See it in action here:

Building a tiny JavaScript runtime with QuickJS

Getting started

First head over to building and build the runtime.

$ ./build/tjs eval "console.log('hello world')"
hello world

If you want to run a script you can use tjs run:

$ ./build/tjs run examples/hello_world.js
hello world

Explore all the options:

$ ./build/tjs --help

For TS support see @txikijs/types.


Support for the ES2023 specification (almost complete).


txiki.js aims to be WinterCG compliant, you can track the progress here.

Web Platform APIs

(1): All of them are async.

(2): No subtle support.

(3): No tables, globals or memory support.

Runtime features

  • TCP and UDP sockets
  • Unix sockets / named pipes
  • Signal handling
  • File operations
  • Child processes
  • DNS (getaddrinfo)
  • WASI
  • Miscellaneous utility functions

See the full API documentation.

Other extras:

  • Import directly from HTTP(S) URLs
  • Import JSON files
  • Builtin test runner

Standard library

The following modules compose the standard library:

Supported platforms

  • GNU/Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows (beta)
  • Other Unixes (please test!)


CMake is necessary.

NOTE: The txiki.js build depends on a number of git submodules (libffi, libuv and wasm3). If you didn't already clone this repository recursively, make sure you initialize these submodules with git submodule update --init before proceeding to the build.


Install dependencies (libcurl, build-essential, cmake, makeinfo, autoreconf, libtool):

# On Debian / Ubuntu
sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev build-essential cmake autoconf texinfo libtool


Install dependencies (cmake, autoconf):

brew install cmake autoconf automake libtool texinfo

Unix systems

# Get the code
git clone --recursive --shallow-submodules && cd txiki.js
# Compile it!
# Run the REPL

Windows (beta)

Windows support it's currently considered beta. Tests do pass, but building it is not as easy as it should be.

Building has only been tested in 64bit Windows.


First make sure you have MSYS2 installed. The mingw64 and clang64 environments are currently tested.

Then install the required dependencies:

pacman -S git make pactoys
pacboy -S curl-winssl:p toolchain:p cmake:p ninja:p


These commands must be run in a MinGW64 or clang64 shell.


This will build the executable just like on Unix. Note that at this point there are a number of dynamically linked libraries, so if you want to use the executable on a different system you'll need to copy those too. Check the list with ldd build/tjs.exe.

Running the tests

Make sure these commands are run from Windows Terminal (mintty, what MSYS2 provides is not supported).

make test


At this time txiki.js uses calendar versioning with the form YY.MM.MICRO.

Built with ❤️ by saghul and these awesome contributors.