Game recommendation engine + online shop for CCNY Software Engineering course
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Node Mongo Redis

How to use

Live Demo: (

Local Demo:

  1. Install Node.js 0.8.x and MongoDB 2.x.
  2. Inside project folder type npm install
  3. Run node server.js command
  4. Open the browser at the following URL: http://localhost:3000

Note: Local demo still requires an internet connect because our game database is located on

To access admin dashboard use the following account:

  • username: syalkabov762
  • password: password

Project Structure

  • server.js - main file that contains application logic, routes, database schema.
  • views/jade files - view templates (sort of like HTML files)
  • public/css - stylesheets folder
  • public/img - images folder
  • public/js - javascripts folder
  • screenshots - screenshots of the web application


  1. node.js - application server
  2. express - web framework for node.js
  3. mongoose - mongodb object document mapper
  4. bcrypt - cryptography library
  5. redis-store - storing sessions in redis database
  6. request - used for initiating requests to parse the website
  7. jsdom - used to parse a website
  8. underscore.js - utility functions for javascript
  9. underscore.strin - utility functions for javaScript strings
  10. emailjs = sends e-mail via a designated SMTP server


  1. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 12
  2. GitHub

Design and Front-end

  1. Bootstrap - css framework by Twitter (
  2. Jade - server-side templating language (
  3. Credit Card Icons - (
  4. jQuery Raty - star ratings (
  5. Game information - parsed from and
  6. jquery.validate - client-side input validation (
  7. jquery.meow - javascript notifications when rating a game (
  8. humane.js - javascript notifications when buying a game (


Input validation on client-side and server-side


Nice alert message on login screen if registration has been successful

Registration Successful

Profile view. Note the | Sign Out links instead of Login | Create Account


Game ratings retrieved from the database and displayed next to the game title


Xbox Live Achievements and User information for those who have a Gamertag


Recommendation Engine for registered users