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Repository files navigation is a simple and efficient REM alarm maker for students and other busy professionals who want to optimize their sleep and do not have any particular sleep schedule that they wish to follow. Simply select the latest time that you wish to wake up and hit the button below the clock to start the alarm.

To further optimize the user's sleep, the app takes into account that it will take on average about 15 minutes for the user to fall asleep. It will then calculate an alarm time that is on the latest time that you set earlier, or a little bit earlier than that so that you wake up right after a full REM cycle and are energized for the day to come.

Note: If it seems to be waking you up MUCH earlier than the time that you set (ie 70 or 80 or even 85 minutes earlier), I encourage you to either enjoy that extra early time that you are awake by excercising, catching up on T.V., reading a book, or whatever else you feel like (the early morning is a wonderful time), or to turn off the alarm and increase the "latest time that you want to wake up" by the approipate time (ie. 20, 10 or 5 minutes in the example above) so that you wake up at the end of the REM cycle!

This app is now live on the Play Store!

There will be no further updates to this app in the Play Store (I accidentally deleted the keystore when I wiped my laptop). However I will continue to add features or updates based on user feedback to this Github repo and you can build it locally here! I may upload it under a newer name in the near future though!


Simple and sufficient REM alarm maker for the Google Play store.







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