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Djadmin is a django admin theme
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Djadmin is a django admin theme


  • Added Django Admin documentation templates

  • Fixed Bugs

    "IN VERSION 1.1.5"

  • Added Sortable in admin change list page.

  • Added Language dropdown.

  • Added Configuration Page in admin (In Development).

  • Added Some fields in DjadminModelSettings Model.

  • Fixed Bugs


  • Dynamic Django Admin - Admin options like : list_display, list_display_link etc will work dynamic.

  • Material Design - Djadmin is based on material design.

  • Djadmin Cards - It will show html design card on "Change list" or "Change form" page according to model.

  • Visior - Add visitor model for administrator location on each time login and show graph of login device

  • Forget Password Option - Admin can enable or disable forget password option on admin login page

  • Theme Color - Change theme color of admin

  • Admin Header Title - Change django admin header title

  • Image preview or File information on change form if form has Image field or File field

  • Added "Next" and "Prev" for change form. It will display when model have 2 or more rows data and model has default django primary key field "id"


  • Installation -
    • Run

      pip install djadmin
    • Add 'djadmin' to your INSTALLED_APPS just before 'django.contrib.admin'

    • Add middleware in MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES list

    • Please make sure you already have 'django.template.context_processors.request' in context_processors of settings. If you don't have, please add it

    • Add in

      url(r'^admin/', include('djadmin.urls')),
    • Run 'python migrate' for make visitor model

      python migrate
    • Run 'python collectstatic'

      python collectstatic
    • Now you have successfully install djadmin in your project

  • Customization -
    • Add 'DJADMIN_DYNAMIC_FIELD_DISPLAY' for Enable Django admin dynamic options for models, After enable this option it's need to "migrate" model. default: False

    • Inherit DjadminMixin in your admin class of model, No need of inherit 'admin.ModelAdmin':

      from djadmin.mixins import DjadminMixin
      from main.models import Book
      class BookAdmin(DjadminMixin):
    • Another way for register DjadminMixin to Model

      from djadmin.mixins import DjadminMixin
      from main.models import Book, DjadminMixin)

    After that you will see DjadminMixin Inherit model name in "DjadmiModelSetting" of admin like below snapshot then change field values with given field.You will get field to show

    Note: If any field already define in your admin class of model then that field value in DjadmiModelSetting will not work for field.

    • Add 'DJADMIN_FIELD_DEPTH' for define field depth.When any model has ForeignKey relation with another model and next model also has Foreignkey relation with another that define relation depth.default = 1

      class Publisher(models.Model):
          name = models.CharField(max_length=30)
      class Book(models.Model):
          pub = models.ForeignKey(Publisher)
      class Author(models.Model):
          book = models.ForeignKey(Book)

    So, If we have Author model then depth 2 will create field in Author model: "book__pub__name" for access Publisher name from Author model instance.

    • Add 'ALLOW_FORGET_PASSWORD_ADMIN' for Enable Forget password option in login page, default: Disable

      EMAIL_USE_TLS = True
      DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = '<Email ID>'
      SERVER_EMAIL = '<Email ID>'
      EMAIL_HOST = '<>'  #Ex: Gmail :
      EMAIL_PORT = <Port Number>    #Ex: Gmail : 587
      EMAIL_HOST_USER = '<Email ID>'
      EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = '<Password>'
      EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'
    • Add 'ADMIN_COLOR_THEME' for change admin color. you can write directly name of color. default: cyan

      ADMIN_COLOR_THEME = 'red'
    • Add 'ADMIN_HEADER_TITLE' for change admin header title

      ADMIN_HEADER_TITLE  = 'Djadmin Administrator'









Djadmin is an Open Source project licensed under the terms of the MIT license

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