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The Sajari React SDK is a library of React Hooks and Components to help build fast and powerful search interfaces.

React provides a simple and elegant way to structure user interfaces. Aside from providing generic UI components, the Sajari React SDK also provides a way to seamlessly integrate the Sajari Search platform into any web-based app through the use of easily composable Components.

There are three main packages allowing you to pick and choose the right solution for your application:

The Sajari React SDK is broken into 4 separate packages:


Size Latest NPM version

Core components that allow you to build a beautiful search interface with any back end.


Size Latest NPM version

Hooks that allow you to build a search interface using any component library.


Size Latest NPM version

Easy to use search components to quickly build a beautiful search interface. If you've used previous versions of our SDK, you'll be most familiar with this package.


Helpers for server-side rendering your React application using Sajari search.


Visit the documentation for details on how to install and use the components.


Check out the getting started guide taking you from create-react-app to a fully featured search in minutes.