For web designers wanting to mock up Mac apps in the browser.
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Lion CSS UI Kit

Mock up native Mac apps in your browser

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tweet to @sakamies


The kit is based on Xcode components on OS X Lion. Since the kit is for prototyping OS X apps, it's mainly made for Webkit, but should work mostly fine in any browser that supports gradients and flexboxes.


Copy & paste is your friend. The html is just form elements with classes, and simple containers for any multi-part controls.

The selection in lists and segmented controls are handled with radio buttons. Disclosure triangles are checkboxes styled using -webkit-appearance: none; The source list should probably be handled with javascript, but making interactions in pure css is just too much fun to hack.

Most of the styles are not tied to any context, so you can just apply a class to style an element in any way you wish. The classes are named after the actual component names in Xcode.