Python project to generate static blog from markdown
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Python project to generate static websites from markdown


Create simple blog generator from markdown size. Blog will have following pages.

a) Home page

b) Blog page

c) Calendar page (Yearly list of blog pages)

d) Tags page (List of tags used across the blog pages)

e) List page (To list blog pages by date, tags,etc.,)


.md For all public files For all draft versions


  "base_dir" : "/home/sakthipriyan/ws/blog/",
  "web_copy" : ["css", "fonts", "img", "js"],

  "gen_draft" : true,

  "html" : {
    "css" : [
    "js" : [

Config Description
base_dir base directory of the website repo
web_copy Folders to be copied in the generated websites
gen_draft set to true if draft files has to be included in website generation
html.css CSS files from css folder that will be inculded in header
html.js Javascript files that would be added in each page