Simple graphics package for learning to program in Java
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HSA2 change log.txt


Holt Software Associates simple graphics for Java — updated for Java 7 and Java 8.

The intent of this software is to allow new Java programmers to start using graphics without having to learn Swing first.


  • provides a JPanel inside a JFrame to draw graphics on (called "GraphicsConsole").
  • hides all of the event listeners for the mouse and keyboard and implements polling instead. This is so students can start using keyboard and mouse input immediately without having to learn about events and event listeners
  • uses all of the Swing drawing commands on the Graphics object (e.g. drawString(), fillOval()).
  • works with Images, ImageIcons, and BufferedImages
  • provides a simple implementation of JOPtionPanes for dialog boxes


  • All keyboard input is handled through the Swing KeyListener.
  • There is no error handling for text input: the program displays a message and then ends immediately.
  • There is some flickering still with animated images. Using the syncrhonized keyword helps.
  • No JButtons, JLabels, or other Swing components can be added to the JPanel, but as one can see from the examples, they're not really necessary.
  • most Graphics2D functions do not work (like .rotate()). Antialiasing is implmented.
  • only one JPanel is created per JFrame (GraphicsConsole), but you can have multiple GraphicsConsoles

These limitations will not be fixed. The solution is to begin programming in Swing or JavaFX.

The PDF files contain useful documentation.

There are sample programs and tutorials for you to work through. See the folder "programs"

🎥 I've just made a YouTube channel with some useful videos.

💥 URL: (Youtube channel "Salamander2")

To install the HSA2 library into Ecplise:

  • download the zip file from Github
  • unzip it
  • drag the whole hsa2 folder into the SRC folder of whatever project you're working on in Eclipse

See "HSA Change log.txt" for list of changes (and also look at the changes using Git).

💥 Please let me know of any bugs or enhancements (feel free to submit code).

This repository is at