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Discogs Label Maker


discogs-label-maker will convert your personal notes for releases in your collection into 2 5/16" x 4" printable labels for the Dymo Labelwriter 450/Turbo printer.

Example label

Click the Preview label button when viewing a release in your collection. You'll be prompted with a the artist name and a list of styles automatically generated from exsiting markup. Either accept them by pressing 'OK' or edit them to your liking. A preview of your label will be rendered into the DOM.

If you are happy with the label, click it and it will be printed from your Dymo Labelwriter printer. If not, make any changes you want and press Preview label again. An updated label will be rendered into the DOM.


  • git clone (this repository)
  • Ensure the 'Developer mode' option is checked in Chrome and click 'Load unpacked extension...' then select the discogs-label-maker root folder.


The xml template is formatted to fit a 2 5/16" x 4" sized label. You can either tweak positioning by changing the Bounds fields in each TextObject or create your own template from scratch. You'll need to update the Name values of each TextObject to match what's in label.setObjectText methods in inject.js so the extension knows which fields to populate with the corresponding information.


Create and print labels from your Discogs collection notes with Dymo Labelwriter printers




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