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Bootstrap 4 Genesis

WordPress Genesis Child Theme using Bootstrap 4.

Build Process

This projects uses a build process to:

  • convert Sass (.scss) into CSS
  • combine and compress CSS files

Initial Setup

Before using this project's build process for the first time you need to run

npm install

to install all of the necessary dependencies.


During development, you should run

npm run watch

which will watch for changes in the project and run the necessary build process steps when these changes occur.

LiveReload in Development

During development you can use the LiveReload functionality to automatically reload your page when you make any changes to SCSS or JavaScript.

To enable this feature add the following to an mu-plugin (preferred) or in functions.php.

On my development sites, I add this code at wp-content/mu-plugins/livereload.php

 * Add LiveReload snippet.
 * For DEVELOPMENT only.
add_action( 'genesis_after', function() {
	// phpcs:disable WordPress.WP.EnqueuedResources.NonEnqueuedScript
	echo '<script src="http://localhost:35729/livereload.js?snipver=1"></script>';
} );

Build Process for Production

When you files are ready for deployment, you should run

npm run build

to build all the necessary files and compress them where approriate.



Any PHP files added to the includes/ directory, will be run on the genesis_setup action hook. Adding new files for each modification is a good way to keep your changes modular.


Do not modify style.css, this file is generated from the Sass files. If you modify style.css and then run the build process, it will overwrite style.css and you will lose your changes.

Instead, please make your changes to the Sass files (in /sass).

The primary entry point for Sass is /sass/custom.scss (which is set in Gulpfile.js). All other Sass files are loaded from the custom.scss file.

Generally, adding new Sass files (e.g. /sass/_footer.scss) and then importing that file in custom.scss is my preferred way to add new CSS.

@import "footer";

Add a Google Font

Load the Font

Add a file to the includes/ directory, which will be automatically run (e.g. includes/google-fonts.php). The file should contain the code to enqueue the Google font, e.g.


add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_bs4g_enqueue_fonts' );

function my_bs4g_enqueue_fonts() {
	wp_enqueue_style( 'open-sans-font' );

Use the Font

Modify your CSS to use the new font, e.g. in sass/_variables.scss

$font-family-sans-serif: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

Available Custom WordPress Filters

This is a starter theme which is meant to be modified. As a Genesis child theme important updates should come at the parent theme level (as Genesis updates).

Sometimes it is easier to make a modification via a WordPress hook then modify Bootstrap 4 Genesis directly.


The bootstrap4_genesis_css_mapping is a key/value array where each key is a Genesis context and the value is a string containing the class that should be added to the context (multiple classes can be added by providing a string of the classes, where each class is separated by a space).


The bootstrap4_genesis_site_title_content is a string of the content displayed inside the site link found in the header (by default the content is the site title, i.e. get_bloginfo( 'name' )).

To replace the site title with an image.

 * Replace Site Title Text with an Image
 * Bootstrap4 Genesis Modification
 * Replace the site title in the header with an image.

add_filter( 'bootstrap4_genesis_site_title_content', function() {
	return '<img
		alt="Sal Ferrarello">';
} );


The bs4g_genesis_do_nav_content is the genesis_do_nav content that appears between the opening and closing <nav> tags in the header. This is used internally (in includes/nav-add-search-box.php) to add our search field to the navbar.

Departure from Bootstrap 4 Styles

Overall the goal of this project is to apply Bootstrap 4 styles to a Genesis child theme as a starting point for development. There are rare cases where the styles in this theme depart from the default Bootstrap 4 styles.


I find the Bootstrap v4.x blockquote style to blend in with the rest of the content too much. I have added a gray left border to blockquotes so they stand out more clearly. This is similar to the Bootstrap v3.x blockquote style.

Inline Code and Code Blocks

I disagree with the choices made for the official Bootstrap Code styles and therefore have modified these styles in this theme.


WordPress Genesis Starter Child Theme using Bootstrap 4






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