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An Istio starter template for Helm
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An Istio starter template for Helm.

Stop fiddling with Istio and Kubernetes YAML and start building. This starter sets up everything you need to get a container running in Istio correctly the first time.


  • Fastest way to get a new service into the Istio mesh
  • Simplified Istio ingress configuration
  • Simplified Istio port configuration
  • ConfigMap driven by values.yaml, to facilitate easy Helm value overriding
  • Creates the following Kubernetes and Istio objects
    • Service
    • Deployment
    • ConfigMap
    • VirtualService
    • DestinationRule


  • Clone into ~/.helm/starters or,
  • Install with the helm-starter plugin.
    • helm plugin install
    • helm starter fetch


# Create a helm chart from the starter
> helm create NAME --starter helm-starter-istio

# Deploy the helm chart to kubernetes
> helm template NAME | kubectl -apply -f -
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