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require 'base64'
require 'active_support/json'
require 'openssl'
require 'sk_sdk'
module SK::SDK
# Decode and validate signed requests which Salesking sends to canvas pages
# and PubSub subscribers
class SignedRequest
attr_reader :signed_request, :app_secret, :data, :payload, :sign
def initialize(signed_request, app_secret)
@signed_request = signed_request
@app_secret = app_secret
# Populate @data and @sign(ature) by splitting and decoding the incoming
# signed_request
def decode_payload
@sign, @payload = @signed_request.split('.')
@data = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode base64_url_decode(@payload)
# Decode a base64URL encoded string: replace - with + and _ with /
# Also add padding so ruby's Base64 can decode it
# @return [String] the plain string decoded
def base64_url_decode(str)
encoded_str ='-_', '+/')
encoded_str += '=' while !(encoded_str.size % 4).zero?
# A request is valid if the new hmac created from the incoming string matches
# the new one, created with the apps secret
def valid?
return false if @data['algorithm'].to_s.upcase != 'HMAC-SHA256'
@sign == OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha256', @app_secret, @payload)
# Base64 url encode a string and sign it using the given secret. The hmac
# signature and the encoded string are joined by . and returned
# @param [String] str the string to encode
# @param [String] secret used to create the signature
# @return [String] hmac-sign.encoded-string
def self.signed_param(str, secret)
# base65 url encode the json, remove trailing-padding =
enc_str = base64_url_encode(str)
# create hmac signature
hmac_sig = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha256',secret, enc_str)
# glue together and return
[hmac_sig, enc_str].join('.')
# Base64 url encode a string:
# NO padding '=' is stripped
# + is replaced by -
# / is replaced by _
# @param [String] str the string to encode
# @return [String] base64url-encoded
def self.base64_url_encode(str)
[str].pack('m').tr('+/','-_').gsub("\n",'').gsub(/=+$/, '' )
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