Flexible provisioning for JDK and JRE tarballs
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Formula to set up and configure Java JREs and JDKs from a tarball archive sourced via URL.

Available states


Downloads the tarball from the java:source_url configured as either a pillar or grain and will not do anything if source_url is omitted. Then unpacks the archive into java:prefix (defaults to /usr/share/java). Will use the alternatives system to link the installation to java_home. Please see the pillar.example for configuration.


Downloads and installs the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. Will include/extend the sun-java state.


An addition to allow easy use - places a java profile in /etc/profile.d - this way JAVA_HOME and the PATH are set correctly for all system users.

Verified on Linux and MacOS.