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Improve and clarify docs on provider overrides. #32458

merged 11 commits into from Apr 9, 2016


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commented Apr 9, 2016

This modifies the State Provider docs, which were a bit misleading in that they
suggest that the state is being overriden when in fact it is the underlying
virtual module of the same name that is being overridden.

It also removes the tables of virtual modules from the State Providers docs
page (where they did not belong, as provider overrides happen at the execution
module level and not the state level), and moves them to pages within
docs/ref/modules/all for each virtual module.

A new section has been added to the execution module docs referencing the
different virtual modules, linking to pages referenced in the paragraph above
(which now contain tables expressing which execution modules are virtual
modules for pkg, service, etc.).

Finally, all of the modules which are virtual modules now link to the new
section described above, which contains instructions to open a bug report in
case of misdetection of OS/version leading to incorrect assignment of a virtual
module. Additionally, explanation of how to work around this issue using the
providers option in the minion config file.

Refs: #32413

@rallytime rallytime merged commit 100c6e1 into saltstack:2015.5 Apr 9, 2016

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default Build finished.
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jenkins/PR/salt-pr-linode-ubuntu14-n Pull Requests » Salt Linode Ubuntu14.04 #629 — SUCCESS
jenkins/PR/salt-pr-lint-n Pull Requests » Salt PR - Code Lint #922 — SUCCESS
jenkins/PR/salt-pr-rs-cent7-n Pull Requests » Salt PR - RS CentOS 7 #1069 — SUCCESS

terminalmage added a commit to terminalmage/salt that referenced this pull request Apr 11, 2016

Add link to provider override docs to
This is a companion to saltstack#32458, but
this module was not added until the 2016.3 branch, so the documentation
is being updated there for this module.

cachedout pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 11, 2016

[develop] Merge forward from 2016.3 to develop (#32494)
* fix sorting by latest version when called with an attribute

* remove reference to master_alive_check

* Fixes #28262

* Resolve memory leak in authentication

* outputter virt_list does not exist anymore

* Update proxmox documentation

* Fix documentation on boto_asg and boto_elb modules and states

* modules.win_timezone: don't list all zones in debug log

* Correcty index glusterfs bricks

Fixes issue #32311

* Cleaner deprecation process with decorators

* Add deprecation decorator scaffold

* Capture type error and unhandled exceptions while function calls

* Aware of the current and future version of deprecation

* Implement initially is_deprecated decorator

* Add an alias for the capitalization

* Fix capitalization easier way

* Remove an extra line

* Add successor name to the deprecation decorator.

* Granulate logging and error messages.

* Implement function swapper

* Raise later the caught exception

* Clarify exception message

* Save function original name

* Remove an extra line

* Hide an alternative hidden function name in the error message, preserving the error itself

* Rename variable as private

* Add a method to detect if a function is using its previous version

* Message to the log and/or raise an exception accordingly to the status of used function

* Log an error along with the exception

* Add internal method documentation

* Add documentation and usage process for decorator "is_deprecated"

* Add documentation and process usage for the decorator "with_deprecated"

* Hide private method name

* Fix PEP8, re-word the error message

* Deprecate basic uptime function

* Add initial decorator unit test

* Rename old/new functions, mock versions

* Move frequent data to the test setup

* Add logging on EOL exception

* Rename and document high to low version test on is_deprecated

* Implement a test on low to high version of is_deprecated decorator

* Add a correction to the test description

* Remove a dead code

* Implement a test for high to low version on is_deprecated, using with_successor param

* Correct typso adn mistaeks

* Implement high to low version with successor param on is_deprecated

* Setup a virtual name for the module

* Implement test for with_deprecated should raise an exception if same deprecated function not found

* Implement test for with_deprecated an old function is picked up if configured

* Correct test description purpose

* Implement test with_deprecated when no deprecation is requested

* Add logging test to the configured deprecation request

* Add logging testing when deprecated version wasn't requested

* Implement test EOL for with_deprecated decorator

* Correct test explanation

* Rename the test

* Implement with_deprecated no EOL, deprecated other function name

* Implement with_deprecated, deprecated other function name, EOL reached

* Add test description for the with_deprecated + with_name + EOL

* Fix confusing test names

* Add logging test to the is_deprecated decorator when function as not found.

* Add more test point to each test, remove empty lines

* Bugfix: at certain conditions a wrong alias name is reported to the log

* Fix a typo in a comment

* Add test for the logging

* Disable a pylint: None will _never_ be raised

* Fix test for the deprecated "status.uptime" version

* Bugfix: Do not yank raised exceptions

* Remove unnecessary decorator

* Add test for the new uptime

* Add test for the new uptime fails when /proc/uptime does not exists

* Rename old test case

* Skip test for the UTC time, unless freeze time is used.

* Fix pylint

* Fix documentation

* Bugfix: proxy-pass the docstring of the decorated function

* Lint fix

* Fixes #28262 for 2015.5 branch

* Update master config docs

* Improve git_pillar documentation/logging

* Add note about different behavior of top file in git_pillar

* Make log entry for a missing pillar SLS file more accurate for git_pillar

* FreeBSD supports packages in format java/openjdk7 so the prior commit broke that functionality. Check freebsd/pkg#1409 for more info.

* FreeBSD supports packages in format java/openjdk7 so the prior commit broke that functionality. Check freebsd/pkg#1409 for more info.

* Update glusterfs_test to be inline with #32312

* Fix salt-cloud paralell provisioning

Closes #31632

* Ignore Raspbian in __virtual__ (#32421)

* Ignore Raspbian in __virtual__

This prevents more than one execution module from trying to load as the
service virtual module.

Refs: #32413

* pack __salt__ before loading provider overrides

We can (and should) pack here since we're just packing a reference to the
object. __salt__ needs to be available when we're loading our provider

* Fix broken __salt__ dict in provider override

Using ret.items() here sets ``__salt__`` to its items (tuple containing
function name and reference), breaking usage of ``__salt__`` inside
overridden functions.

* Merge #32293 with test fixes (#32418)

* Fix issue #11497

* Remove check for working directory presence in tests

* Fix Domainname introspection

Default value needs to be extracted from the container itself,
because dockerd set Domainname value when network_mode=host.

* Add pgjsonb_queue to queue doc index

* Pylint fixes

* Pass parser options into batch mode

Resolves #31738

* Changed the target file in file.symlink test (#32443)

* Argument name in docs should match actual arg name (#32445)

Fixes #31851

* tests.integration: bypass MacOS TMPDIR, gettempdir (#32447)

Updates 0edd532, 8f558a5.

When logging in as root over `ssh root@host`, `$TMPDIR` and
`tempfile.gettempdir()` are both set to a variation of:
When logging in as root over `sudo -i`, `$TMPDIR` is unset and
`tempfile.gettempdir()` is set to `/tmp`.

My guess is that the second case is an unintended or uncorrected omision
by Apple as they have introduced the longer, randomized temp path in a
recent version of MacOS.

* Issue #28706: Fix state user.present behavior. (#32448)

- As mentionned in issue #28706, state user.present no longer remove
      user from groups if the keyword 'groups' with empty value '[]' is not
      explicitly set, salt will assume current groups are still wanted.

* tests.integration: fix 4230c8a

* Move the tables of virtual modules to individual documentation pages

* Add new doc pages to toctree

* Add external ref to windows package manager docs

* Improve docstrings

* Add documentation on virtual module provider overrides to the module docs

* Clarify the scope of the provider param in states.

* Add link to provider override docs to all package providers

* Add link to provider override docs to all service providers

* Add link to provider override docs to all user providers

* dd link to provider override docs to all shadow providers

* Add link to provider override docs to all group providers

* Backport 31164 and 31364 (#32474)

* Don't send REQ while another one is waiting for response.

The message has to be removed from the queue the only *after* it's
already processed to don't confuse send() functionality that expects
empty queue means: there's no active sendings.

* Fixed zeromq ReqMessageClient destroy

* Add link to provider override docs to

This is a companion to #32458, but
this module was not added until the 2016.3 branch, so the documentation
is being updated there for this module.

* Add documentation for some master/minion configs (#32454)

Refs #32400

Adds docs for:

- cli_summary
- event_return_queue
- event_return_whitelist
- event_return_blacklist
- file_recv_max_size
- fileserver_followsymlinks
- fileserver_ignoresymlinks
- fileserver_limit_traversal

* Automatically detect correct MySQL password column for 5.7 and fix setting passwords (#32440)

* Automatically detect MySQL password column

* Fix changing password in MySQL 5.7

* Fix lint test

* Fix unit tests (?)

They will still fail if "authentication_string" is legitimately the right column name, but I don't know what to do about that.

* Additional unit test fix

* Only unsub if we have a jid

Closes #32479

@terminalmage terminalmage deleted the terminalmage:clarify-providers-docs branch Apr 12, 2016

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