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Perl 6 module to color and style text for IRC and ANSI terminal color/style to IRC color/style
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A plugin to style and color text for IRC. It can also convert the ANSIColor text and style from your terminal to IRC Text and style.

sub ircstyle

sub ircstyle(
    Str() $text,
) returns Mu

a shortened function. Like irc-style-text but you can use shorter versions like C<ircstyle('text', :bold, :green)

sub irc-style-text

sub irc-style-text(
    Str() $text is copy, 
    :$style = 0, 
    :$color = 0, 
    :$bgcolor = 0
) returns Str

styles and colors text. returns a copy. Colors allowed: white, blue, green, red, brown, purple, orange, yellow, light_green, teal, light_cyan, light_blue, pink, grey, light_grey.

sub ansi-to-irc

sub ansi-to-irc(
    Str() $text is copy
) returns Str

Convert ANSI style/colored text from your terminal output to IRC styled/colored text. Supports both foreground and background color, as well as italic, underline and bold.

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