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Barber is a minimal blog theme built for Ghost. The blog theme features a masonry grid, endless scrolling, and page transitions. 💈 Barber is also available for Jekyll.


Initial Setup


Additional Development


Ghost requires the theme to be uploaded in a .zip file. You will need to do this whenever you make any edit to the source code. You can run gulp zip in your command line to generate this file without all the extra folders Ghost does not need (see Source Code for more information about Gulp).


Enable Beta Features

Barber uses a couple of features that are still in beta testing. You must activate the Public API and the Subscribers features. These features make tag pages, endless scrolling, and a subscription list possible.

Enable Beta Features

Update Settings

Update Settings

Create Static Pages

Creating a static page is the same as creating a story. The only difference is before the story is published it is turned into a page by selecting the checkbox at the very bottom of the post settings.

Static Pages

Create Navigation

You can create a navigation under the Design Settings. Visitors can be linked directly to static pages right on the top of your website.

Contact Form

The form uses Formcarry to send submitted messages straight to your inbox. The image on the popup is the Publication Cover (see Update Settings).

Contact Form

You do have to set the URL where you want to receive the form. This file can be found in partials/formcarry.hbs. After everything is set you will need to submit a message yourself to confirm the setup is correct.

Social Media Links

Font Awesome is used for the social media icons. The icons in the theme can be found in partials/share.hbs and partials/social.hbs. The icons in partials/share.hbs do not need to be edited unless you want to remove a certain website; however, the ones in partials/social.hbs do have to be changed. You can follow the template that has been provided for you to link to all of your social media accounts. The naming convention has not changed from the instructions provided on Font Awesome.

Disqus Comments

Comments can be enabled on every blog post in three steps. The first step is to register your website with Disqus. Disqus will provide you with a shortname that you need for the next step. Once you have that the second step is to open partials/disqus.hbs, remove all the instructions, and paste in your shortcode where the placeholder one currently is. The third step is to visit a blog post and verify that your comments are there.

Source Code

The source code is broken down to make finding what you need as easy as possible. Almost everything runs through gulpfile.js, so you will need to run npm install on your command line before doing any additional development. You can then run gulp or npm start to compile everything.

├── assets
    └── js
├── partials
|   ├── contact.hbs
|   ├── disqus.hbs
|   ├── footer.hbs
|   ├── formcarry.hbs
|   ├── head.hbs
|   ├── header.hbs
|   ├── navigation.hbs
|   ├── pagination.hbs
|   ├── post-card.hbs
|   ├── share.hbs
|   ├── social.hbs
|   ├── styles-amp.hbs
|   ├── styles-app.hbs
|   └── subscribe_form.hbs
├── src
|   ├── js
|       ├── components
|       ├── vendor
|       └── _init.js
|   └── scss
|       ├── base
|       ├── components
|       ├── fonts
|       ├── regions
|       ├── tools
|       ├── utils
|       ├── vendor
|       ├── amp.scss
|       └── app.scss
├── .eslintrc
├── .gitignore
├── .stylelintrc
├── amp.hbs
├── author.hbs
├── default.hbs
├── error-404.hbs
├── error.hbs
├── gulpfile.js
├── index.hbs
├── package.json
├── page.hbs
├── post.hbs
├── subscribe.hbs
└── tag.hbs

The CSS is written in Sass and compiled in two different files. One for the whole website and one for Google AMP pages. The JavaScript is written in ES6, so your code is up to date with the newest standards.


Barber has been released for free. Similar themes cost around $39 on ThemeForest. Any donations would be greatly appreciated after the work that went into releasing Barber.

  • PayPal –
  • Bitcoin – 1PSzNmcfAFJY1PtBK5u9R5bTGfF7KAuLcq
  • Ethereum – 0x392F7116e4171F1D740397B6000EadD2e4bb9670
  • Litecoin – LSH9AnjcUTV5T7PUxXQuxPqb9W5aSR9GEP


Email if you need any additional support with Barber.