Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines during runtime and export them for path tweens and PathFollowers
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Phaser 3 Plugin Path Builder

A tool to build paths for Pathfollowers and path tweens. Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines and Ellipses during runtime and export them to Phaser. Demo.


  • Path Builder is A useful tool for editing and building paths.
  • Draw your path in-game during runtime.
  • Explore your scene while building paths.
  • Export path as JSON Data.
  • Load them into Phaser and create awesome animations.
  • 90% Phaser API code.


  1. Grab the PathBuilder.js or PathBuilder.min.js file inside the dist folder.

  2. Load it in Phaser.

function preload ()
    this.load.plugin('PathBuilder', "<path-to-plugin>/PathBuilder.js",'PathBuilder');
    //or if using minified:
    //this.load.plugin('PathBuilder.min', "<path-to-plugin>/PathBuilder.min.js",'PathBuilder');

  • UI:

    • Controls:

      • Use left mouse to draw.
      • Zoom and move trough scene using middle mouse and mousewheel.
      • Use right mouse to select different curves.
    • Buttons:

      • Undo : Undo the previous path draw.
      • Clear : Clear the entire path.
      • Draw : Enter draw mode.
      • Hide : Hide Plugin.
      • Show : Show Plugin.
      • Pause : Pause main scene.
      • Resume : Resume main scene.
      • Reset view : Reset the camera.
      • Snap : Snap mouse to a fixed grid.
      • Import : Import existing path (JSON).
      • Export : Save the current path as JSON file.

Having questions or problems with usage, suggest a feature? Please submit an Issue.


  • Phaser 3, latest recommended to guarantee matching API.
  • Mouse with middle mouse button if you want to explore A scene.
  • Chrome browser recommended.

Dev notes

Run npm install and then npm run build to build the plugin.

There is a legacy ES5 branch:


The plugin is in active development and features will be added over time. Contributions, optimizations, suggestions are very welcome. All changes are found in the Changelog;

Honour the Phaser Code.