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DeepDream Animator

This tool helps to create animations with deepdream. Extract frames from videos, process them with deepdream and then output as new video file. Frame blending option is provided, to ensure "stable" dreams across frames. A preview function make rapid iterations possible. Optionally guided dreaming & optical flow can be used.


How to

  1. Extract Video
    python --input myvideo/video.mp4 --output myvideo --extract 1

  2. Run DeepDream
    python --input myvideo --output myvideo/frames

  3. Create Video
    python --input myvideo/frames --output myvideo/deepdreamvideo.mp4 --create 1

(change "myvideo" to your directory/file name)

(change the path of the caffe model inside to where your model is )



Use Optical Flow & Guided Dreams & GPU
python --input myvideo --output myvideo/frames --octaves 4 --octavescale 1 --iterations 10 --jitter 32 --zoom 1 --stepsize 1.5 --blend 0 --layers inception_3b/output --gpu 1 --flow 1 --guide guide/flowers.png

Create a preview (currently does not work with flow)
python --input myvideo --output myvideo/frames --preview 600

Tweak settings
python --input myvideo --output myvideo/frames --preview 600 --octaves 4 --octavescale 1.4 --iterations 10 --jitter 32 --zoom 1 --stepsize 1.5 --blend 0.5 --layers inception_3a/output inception_3b/output

(Preview changes Images to width of choice, original files not changed)

(Try using multiple layers, it will cycle through them from frame to frame.)

Batch Processing

Use the above commands and stack them by putting a ";" inbetween commands.
python --input myvideo --output myvideo/frames;python --input myvideo2 --output myvideo2/frames



DeepDream Music Video Musiv Video

Optical flow + Guided Dreaming tests test

Creative Request

It would be very helpful for other deepdream researchers, if you could include the used parameters in the description of your youtube videos.


  • Python
  • Caffe (and other deepdream dependencies)
  • CV2 (if you use optical flow)


The tool currently does not handle audio. Check out DeepDreamVideo by @graphific



Samim | | @samim