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workflow is a Node JS library designed to facilitate the execution of simple workflows with rollback support. This allows you to take small units of code and combine them together into a larger workflow to accomplish a single large task.

See the documentation for more details.

Get Started

npm install @sammarks/workflow
yarn add @sammarks/workflow
import { execute } from '@sammarks/workflow'

interface WorkflowContext {
  firstStepRun: boolean
  secondStepRun: boolean
  test: string

const workflow = [
    name: 'first',
    run: async (context: WorkflowContext): Promise<void> => {
      context.firstStepRun = true
    revert: async (context: WorkflowContext): Promise<void> => {
      context.firstStepRun = false
    name: 'second',
    run: async (context: WorkflowContext): Promise<void> => {
      context.secondStepRun = true
    revert: async (context: WorkflowContext): Promise<void> => {
      context.secondStepRun = false

const result = await execute<WorkflowContext>('test-workflow', workflow, { test: 'foo' })

// {
//   firstStepRun: true,
//   secondStepRun: true,
//   test: 'foo'
// }


  • Define steps in a simple, typed, array-object format.
  • Steps and workflows are given names for debugging support.
  • Rollback support in case a step fails.
  • Predictable and documented error handling in case something goes wrong.

Why use this?

Breaking the large task into smaller units of code allows a less complicated end result, and greater unit testing abilities since each step in the workflow is broken into its own function.

Rollback support allows a transactional nature for executing workflows. If one step in the process fails to execute, all previously-executed steps with a configured rollback are executed.

workflow provides TypeScript hinting and a predictable error interface to handle issues when they arise.