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hk0weather is an open source web scraper project using Scrapy to collect the useful weather data from Hong Kong Observatory website.

Scrapy can output collected weather data into the machine-readable formats (eg. CSV, JSON, XML).

Optionally, this project supports a Django app 'openweather' to store the collected weather data to Django web framework, and the data can be shown on web through the Django admin UI.

Available Spiders

  1. regional: Hong Kong Regional Weather Data in 10-minutes update from HKO.
  2. rainfall: Hong Kong Rainfall Data in hourly update from HKO.
  3. hkoforecast: Hong Kong Next 24 hour Weather Forecast Report from HKO Open Data.
  4. hko9dayforecast: Hong Kong 9-day Weather Report from HKO Open Data.

Installation Example

  1. Cloning and setup hk0weather in a Py3 virtual environment

    git clone  
    virtualenv hk0weatherenv  
    source hk0weatherenv/bin/activate  
    cd hk0weather   
    pip install -r requirements.txt    
  2. Optional: Setup hk0weather to use openweather

    pip install -r requirements-django.txt    
    cd ..   
    django-admin startproject yourweatherproject   
    cd yourweatherproject   
    git clone   

    Please add 'openweather' to INSTALLED_APPS in Django yourweatherproject/

    ./ makemigrations    
    ./ migrate   
    ./ createsuperuser   
    ./ runserver &    
    cd ../hk0weather     

    Django daemon is now running in the background, its web admin UI can be access at http://localhost:8000/admin.

    export PYTHONPATH=/your-full-path-to/yourweatherproject    
    export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=yourweatherproject.settings   

    Please export PYTHONPATH and DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE again after every activation of the Py3 virtual environment.

Run a Scrapy spider

Activate the Py3 virtual environment once before the first running of web spiders.

source hk0weatherenv/bin/activate  

Optionally, if Django is in use, export PYTHONPATH and DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.

export PYTHONPATH=/your-full-path-to/yourweatherproject    
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=yourweatherproject.settings   

Optionally, list all available spiders.

scrapy list 

Run a specific spider (eg. regional) in Scrapy

scrapy crawl regional   

and optionally use -t (file format) and -o (filename) to output the data in a json file.

scrapy crawl regional -t json -o test.json


Calvin Tsang.

Thanks for my sponsors, please consider to sponsor my works.



Web scraper project to collect the useful Hong Kong weather data from HKO website




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