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A Thematic theme for Wordpress using the goodness of HTML5 Boilerplate - loads of improvements soon
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FirePHPCore firephp core
cache empty in cache (this dir needs to be writable)
functions update helper jquery and modernizr
images/headers Initial Theme
layouts Initial Theme
library modernizr2 with yepnope to test the selection of build options
.gitignore js plugins from Mothership is now easier
404.php rework php (still more needs doing)
503.php 503 service unavailable directory (for use with maintenance mode by M… add contributors
archive.php rework php (still more needs doing)
author.php rework php (still more needs doing)
category.php rework php (still more needs doing)
changelog.html Initial Theme
comments.php rework php (still more needs doing)
footer.php rework php (still more needs doing)
full-width-page.php rework php (still more needs doing)
functions.php oxox to xoxo mistakes
gallery.php rework php (still more needs doing)
header.php [FIX] Fixed missing opening php tag and closing endif; tag
htaccess.txt htaccess.txt will have rules which need to be put into wp installs ht…
image.php rework php (still more needs doing)
index.php rework php (still more needs doing)
license.txt Initial Theme
loop.php rework php (still more needs doing)
ox.xml this file is supposed to help with searching site (will test and read…
page.php rework php (still more needs doing)
rtl.css update base css
screenshot.png Initial Theme
search.php rework php (still more needs doing)
sidebar.php clean up, reformat general sweep
single.php rework php (still more needs doing)
style.css version bump. xoxo classes renamed and modernizr builds work
tag.php rework php (still more needs doing)
template-blog.php rework php (still more needs doing)

Thematic Html5Boilerplate

  • update the position of sidebars and sort out stuff
  • compressed styles and script are placed in the wrong places by either w3 tool or wp-minify plugins
  • some changes need documenting other need testing (others still need both)
  • default theme needs reworking

A wordpress theme using html5 and based on Thematic ToolBox (and other Thematic themes).

  • Header branding image from TwentyTen
  • Widget locations from Twentyten
  • Background control from Twentyten
  • Layout control from Thematic Options
  • Logo control from Thematic Options
  • Uses Object Orientated CSS (todo)
  • Built in support for popular wordpress plugins (todo)
    • minify
    • super cache
    • Cleaner Gallery (todo)
    • contact 7 form
    • white label cms
    • Yoast Plugins (todo)
    • wp fancybox (todo)
    • wp swfobject
  • Thematic Child Themes (todo)



Install minify plugin for wp; Customise the sheets as befits; add files for required plugins A switch will exist to have minify not min css or js

list the css files for minify to zap (dkf or add) library/css/h5bp.css library/css//core/grid/grids.css library/css/core/template/template.css library/css/core/module/mod.css library/css/screen.css library/ccs/all.css library/css/media.css

list the files for js as

Super Cache

Contact Form 7

Cleaner Gallery

The original source is available at and more information is available at

for more on OOCSS see

other plans in mind also

extra support for custom types

built in support for funky jquery plugins later ?

Contributions & Thanks

Mo0X & John Raz

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