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fname = "simple.dat"
# using [do]( means the file is closed automatically
# in the same way "with" does in python
open(fname,"r") do f
for line in eachline(f)
#> this is a simple file containing
#> text and numbers:
#> 43.3
#> 17
f = open(fname,"r")
show(readlines(f)); println()
#> ["this is a simple file containing", "text and numbers:", "43.3", "17"]
f = open(fname,"r")
fstring = read(f, String)
#> String
#> this is a simple file containing
#> text and numbers:
#> 43.3
#> 17
outfile = "outfile.dat"
# writing to files is very similar:
f = open(outfile, "w")
# both print and println can be used as usual but with f as their first arugment
println(f, "some content")
print(f, "more content")
print(f, " more on the same line")
# we can then check the content of the file written
# "do" above just creates an anonymous function and passes it to open
# we can use the same logic to pass readall and thereby succinctly
# open, read and close a file in one line
outfile_content = open(f->read(f, String), outfile, "r")
#> "some content\nmore content more on the same line"