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Explainability of Machine Learning Models

Research Project on the explainability and interpretability of machine learning models.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


  • Appilication/Backend

    • Python 3.4 or greater, Django 1.11
    • numpy, pandas, patsy, sklearn, scipy, django-cors-headers, django-filter, djangorestframework-bulk
      • To install: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • WebUI/Frontend

    • node.js
    • react-router-dom, file-saver
      • To install: cd Explainability/client; npm install
  • If using virtualenv, create a new virtualenv before running pip install -r requirements.txt

  • If using Anaconda, run conda create --name explainableml python=3.5 and source activate explainableml


  • Appilication/Backednd: Run

    • python runserver
  • WebUI/Frontend: Run

    • npm start (in Explainability/client directory)
  • Use different terminal instances for each


First, set up your python environment. If using Anaconda, run conda create --name explainableml django numpy pandas patsy sklearn scikit-learn

To install all node_modules for the frontend, use

cd Explainability/client
npm install
cd ../..

Then start the python api server with python runserver

And (in a separate terminal) start the frontend server with

cd Explainability/client
npm start

The frontend server at http://localhost:3000/ will automatically load in your default browser.

The frontend will automatically refresh the page when JavaScript files are changed.

You can view api documentation at http://localhost:8000/


You can run tests for python with python test restapi

And tests for React in Explainability/client with npm test

Database updates

Any time you update the database tables, you must also generate a migration script with python makemigrations Otherwise, tests will fail.

Deployment on a public server (not secure)

In Explainability/client, run npm run build Then at the project root run python collectstatic and python runserver


User Story Map
UI Wireframe
ERD and Internal Interface Overview


Set up using create-react-app