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Draft.js List Plugin

Better lists for Draft.js

  • Automatically creates lists when lines begin with *, 1. or similar
  • Allows creating nested lists using the tab key
  • Simple setup
  • TypeScript type definitions

β†’ Demo

Plugin demo


This plugin requires you to have draft-js-plugins set up in your project.

Install the plugin using NPM:

npm install draft-js-list-plugin

Import the list plugin in your Editor component:

import React, { Component } from "react";
import PluginEditor from "draft-js-plugins-editor";
import createListPlugin from "draft-js-list-plugin";

// Make sure to import `Draft.css` somewhere
import "draft-js/dist/Draft.css";

const listPlugin = createListPlugin();
const plugins = [listPlugin];

export default class Editor extends Component {
	// ...

	render() {
		const { editorState } = this.state;

		return (
				// ...

See Editor.tsx for a full example.


You can pass options to the plugin the following way:

const listPlugin = createListPlugin({
	// Your options

Supported options:

  • allowNestedLists (boolean): Whether the user should be able to create sublists (nested lists). Default: true
  • maxDepth (number): Allows you to control how deep the list nesting can be. Default: 4
  • olRegex (RegExp): Regular expression for determining whether a numbered list should be started. Default: /\d\./
  • ulChars (string[]): List of characters with which bullet lists can be started. Default: ["-", "–", "*"]


Requirements: Node.js, Yarn

  1. Clone this repository: git clone REPO_URL
  2. Install all dependencies: yarn
  3. Generate the library bundle: yarn start
  4. View the demo on localhost:3000

Suggestions and contributions are always welcome! Please discuss larger changes via issue before submitting a pull request.