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Extension for Google Chrome which notifies the activity in your Basecamp Accounts with desktop notifications.
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Basecamp Chrome Notifier

Extension for Google Chrome that notifies about activity on your Basecamp Accounts with desktop notifications, events type filter and projects filter.

Feel free to help us to improve the extension.

Extension on Chrome Store



To contribute you need be familiar with React.js and Fluxo. The app also uses Babel.js to give us the possibility to use ES6 features. 🤘


  1. npm install && bower install

  2. Register an app in

  3. Run cp .default-env .development-env and update the app credentials on .development-env.

  4. Run npm run build and load the extension as an unpacked version on Chrome from dist/ folder.

##To pack

  1. Run all steps above if you didn't.

  2. Run cp .development-env .production-env and update the infos case you use a diferent registered app on 37signals for the production version.

  3. Run BUILD_ENV=production npm run pack

  4. Publish the dist/basecamp_notifier_<version> on Chrome Store.

Samuel Simões ~ @samuelsimoes ~