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An incomplete open source and interesting take on an iPad client for reddit.

It is licensed under the Apache Software License Version 2.0.

I am accepting pull requests. If the client ever comes to a complete state I will release it for free on the App Store under the AlterTap account. No profits will be made by me. This is entirely a community effort.

Building it:

It's really simple. You just need Xcode. Clone the repository somewhere and, open Readdit/Readdit.xcodeproj and run in the simulator to get started quickly.

The easiest way to clone the repository and get all the required submodules is to:

git clone --recursive git://github.com/samuraisam/readdit.git

What does it do? (so far)

  • Fully integrated with your reddit account. Subscribe and unsubscribe from reddits. (tap the magnifying glass on the subreddits listing)
  • "Pile" which is sort of like opening an interesting link in a background tab. It will save and pre-cache your links in a in the background for later viewing. Swipe over an item in the list to put it in the pile.
  • "Magazine" which is sort of like an endlessly scrolling wall of images that link to reddit stories. Great for viewing photograph-heavy reddits.

What does it need?

Discussion for the development of this client will occur on our own subreddit here:


Here are some ideas to get started with:

  • "Magazine" needs a code refresh. It's a bit craggy and there are some decent open source grid views that can be used now. It's currently a sideways table view (hah!)
  • Comments! One of the best thing about reddit and it's not here!
  • Profile interface for users. It would be neat to be able to view an overview of a user in the app.
  • An interesting way to put things in the pile. For instance, a drawer could slide out from underneath the item list on swipe, the item drops into the drawer then it closes. Just an idea.
  • iPhone version. This is iOS, and it could be easily ported to work fine on the iPhone.
  • Bug fixes, plugging memory leaks, and general polish.
  • Whatever you want! It's bloody open source.

Here is what it looks like:

Regular browsing

Upboats for everyone

Subreddits browse subscribe and unsubscribe

Magine view

Add a friend

Backside of magazine view

Sharing items

Swipe an item to add it to the pile

Your pile