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Samvera Labs

Experiments, Works-in-progress, and Beta versions of gems and apps. May be suitable for production use, but awaiting broader adoption.

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  1. IIIF Image API 2.1 server in an AWS Serverless Application

    JavaScript 35 9

  2. A React wrapper around the OpenSeadragon viewer which extends viewer functionality.

    JavaScript 22 5

  3. geomash Public

    This is a geographic parsing library. Beyond regular parsing to mapquest, bing, and google apis, it also can parse subject strings and query against TGN or Geonames.

    Ruby 18 3

  4. IIIF Presentation API Manifest items React.js component that renders a minimal canvas viewer for Image, Sound, and Video resources.

    TypeScript 17

  5. This module provides a full-featured IIIF Image API 2.1 image processor. It covers only the image processing pipeline itself, leaving input and output to the caller.

    JavaScript 14 5

  6. A meta-model based on Scooby Snacks and Dog Biscuits

    Ruby 13 3


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