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Analysis of the front page of newspapers
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Newspaper front pages

This project is about programatically analyzing the front pages of newspapers.

Mentions of "Syria" by day across many newspapers

It consists of two sections:

  • The code to download the current day's newspapers from the the Newseum website, and parse out text, bounding boxes, font sizes, and font faces.
  • The analyses (mostly Jupyter notebooks) of the resulting data. See the analysis/ subdirectory for more information.

For desired contributions, see :).

Crawler/parser installation:

Requirements: Python 3, node, bash, qpdf, jq

System dependencies:


  • qpdf: brew install qpdf
  • jq: brew install jq


First run sudo apt-get update

  • qpdf: sudo apt-get install qpdf
  • jq: sudo apt-get install jq


virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

psycopg2 is only necessary as a dependency if writing to postgres. ipython is there because I use it for development.


npm install


./ <-- This downloads the front page of today's newspapers into date/[date]/ and performs the extractions, and loads them into a default postgres database. Note, you will need to run createdb frontpages to use the default settings.

Detailed usage:

(What is doing:)

  1. ./ <-- This downloads the front page of today's newspapers into data/[date]/
  2. ./ <-- This runs all the pdfs through a passwordless decrypt (automatically done by pdf viewers), and deletes the original pdfs.
  3. ./ <-- This extracts xml files from the decrypted pdfs, and saves them in the same data directory.
  4. python XML_FILES_DIR OUTPUT_DB OUTPUT_TABLE, where XML_FILES_DIR is the data/[date] directory above. This aggregates the XML output from the earlier steps up to the pdf textbox level, and saves it into a database.
  5. python METADATA_FILE DB_URI OUTPUT_TABLE where METADATA_FILE is data/[date]-metadata.json -- a file output by This writes metadata about newspapers that haven't been seen yet to a database table.


Inside of the analysis/ directory, there is a separate README for how to setup the notebook to play with the analyses.

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