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Cordova Plugin that wraps Mixpanel sdk for android and ios


requires cordova >5.x.x

  cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-mixpanel

Optional: If you want to explicitly specify a google play services version to work with other existing plugins in your project, you can specify a flag PLAY_SERVICES_VERSION during installation. e.g. 11.8.0. If you don't provide this flag, it will assume the default '+' wildcard version

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-mixpanel --variable PLAY_SERVICES_VERSION="11.8.0"

Initialization and quick start

init the plugin with your mixpanel project token with

    function(){ /* successful init */ },
    function(){ /* fail */})

and then followup with all your favorite mixpanel functionality.
mixpanel.track to track events.
alias or identify (depending on use case) to set the id for people events (after login or register).
people.set to set properties on the people entity identified before.
you can read more about mixpanel api in their reference:



  • alias(aliasId, originalId, onSuccess, onFail)
    • also available as createAlias
  • alias(aliasId, onSuccess, onFail)
    • will use distinctId from mixpanel sdk as originalId
  • distinctId(function onSuccess(distinctId), onFail)
  • flush(onSuccess, onFail)
  • getSuperProperties(onSuccess, onFail)
  • identify(distinctId, onSuccess, onFail)
  • identify(distinctId, usePeople, onSuccess, onFail)
    • only affects ios: will pass usePeople to the ios mixpanel sdk identify method
  • init(token, onSuccess, onFail)
  • registerSuperProperties(superProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • registerSuperPropertiesOnce(superProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • reset(onSuccess, onFail)
  • timeEvent(eventName, onSuccess, onFail)
  • track(eventName, eventProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • unregisterSuperProperty(superPropertyName, onSuccess, onFail)


  • append(appendObject, onSuccess, onFail)
  • deleteUser(onSuccess, onFail)
  • increment(peopleProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • setPushId(pushId, onSuccess, onFail)
      var push = PushNotification.init({
          'android': {'senderID': '<GCM Sender ID>'},
          'ios': {'alert': 'true', 'badge': 'true', 'sound': 'true'}
      push.on('registration', function(data) {
        mixpanel.people.setPushId(data.registrationId, function onSuccess(){}, function onFail(){});
  • set(peopleProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • setOnce(peopleProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • trackCharge(amount, chargeProperties, onSuccess, onFail)
  • unset(propertiesArray, onSuccess, onFail)
  • union(unionObject, onSuccess, onFail)

Contributing and Testing

contributions of all sorts to the source code are more than welcome. any contribution will be noted in the changeslog (for FAME! :-D ).

Please try to test your contributions using your cordova project or a dummy test project. You may use mine which i've published to NPM:

License Notice

All Mixpanel ios sdk source files under src/ios/Mixpanel are licensed under the apache license.
A copy of the license is located at src/ios/Mixpanel/LICENSE.

The rest of the code is MIT license, located at /LICENSE.



hey i installed the plugin and now build fails, why?

open your xcode proj, goto build phases -> link binary with libraries:

  • drag all files under folder 'frameworks' (on the left) to here
  • add the following if missing:
    • libicucore
    • cfnetwork

my build still fails, got a compile error at UIImage+MPAverageColor.m

if your got this error: "variable-sized object may not be initialized" from char colorIndices[kNumberOfHexColors] = {0};.
this is caused by compiler using a wrong C dialect (C99 for example).
to fix:

  • open your project in xcode
  • goto build settings tab
  • scroll down to "apple llvm 8.0 - language"
  • set "C language dialect" to be default

i get error 'Mixpanel' plugin not found, check config.xml

appears to be some problem of the xcode proj settings.
only working solution i found so far is to

cordova platform remove ios
cordova platform add ios
cordova build ios

and setting up the build phase correctly again, as described in last question.

hey i'm on iOS>9 and nothing is happening, why?

google for NSAppTransportSecurity.
since iOS9 they are more strict about what your app is allowed to connect to.
you will have to manually add some entries to your app plist file to allow network connectivity to mixpanel server.


my build fails, wat? why?

mixpanel lib depends on google play services 3.1 or higher.
you can install this through the android sdk under extras category.
FYI this plugin registers a dependency on ANY version of play services so it doesnt conflict with other plugins in any way.


mixpanel, plugin cordova, phonegap, ionic, android, ios