Simple, easy to use site monitor written in Python
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Usage: [options] url

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t, --log-response-time
                        Turn on logging for response times
  -r, --alert-on-slow-response
                        Turn on alerts for response times
  --timeout=TIMEOUT     Set the timeout amount (in seconds).
  -g, --use-gmail       Send email with Gmail.  Must also specify username and
                        Set the stmp server host.
                        Set the smtp server port.
  -u SMTP_USERNAME, --smtp-username=SMTP_USERNAME
                        Set the smtp username.
  -p SMTP_PASSWORD, --smtp-password=SMTP_PASSWORD
                        Set the smtp password.
  -s FROM_ADDR, --from-addr=FROM_ADDR
                        Set the from email.
  -d TO_ADDRS, --to-addrs=TO_ADDRS
                        List of email addresses to send alerts to.
  -f FROM_FILE, --from-file=FROM_FILE
                        Import urls from a text file. Separated by newline.