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Sandbox is Northeastern's student-led software consultancy for researchers and students.


  1. Public

    Sandbox's homepage, designed and built by our members.

    JavaScript 13 3

  2. graduatenu graduatenu Public

    Northeastern class scheduler based on degree audit.

    TypeScript 23 3

  3. office-hours office-hours Public

    Webapp to streamline office hours at Northeastern.

    TypeScript 30 13

  4. a-eye a-eye Public

    Interactive computer vision modules developed for Prof. Mingolla's HONR1310 Your Eye and AI course

    TypeScript 5 1

  5. vocab-buddy vocab-buddy Public

    A webapp that identifies challenging words and creates corresponding learning interventions to help young children expand their vocabulary development

    TypeScript 4

  6. searchneu searchneu Public

    Search over Classes, Professors and Employees at NEU!

    TypeScript 34 5


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