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=== Timed Scopes
Times Scopes is a simple plugin to add some named scopes to your model based on their time columns.
= Usage
class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
= What It Does
Calling has_timed_scopes will reflect on the model's columns and add three scopes for each column ending in "_at" or "_on". For example, a model with a published_at column gets "published_after", "published_before", and "published_between".
# => :conditions => ['posts.published_at > ?', 1.month.ago]
# => :conditions => ['posts.published_at < ?', 1.year.ago]
Post.published_between(2.months.ago, 1.month.ago)
# => :conditions => ['posts.published_at > ? AND posts.published_at < ?', 2.months.ago, 1.month.ago]
By default, each timed scope will order the results on that column descending. You can ascend by passing "ASC" as an additional argument.
Post.published_before(1.year.ago, "ASC")
Or you can return the results unordered by passing false as an additional argument.
Post.published_before(1.year.ago, false)