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PowerShell module for Microsoft Planner
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PowerShell module for Microsoft Planner


#Check Planner PowerShell module

$PlannerModule = Get-Module -Name "PlannerModule" -ListAvailable

if ($PlannerModule -eq $null) { Write-host "Planner PowerShell module not found, Start install the module" Install-Module "PlannerModule" -AllowClobber -Force }

#Connect to Microsoft Planner Connect-Planner -ForceNonInteractive True

#Definde variables $GroupName = "A NewPlan 01" $PlanName = "PowerShell Test Plan 03" $BucketName = "PowerShell bucket" $TaskName = "Test Task"

#Create new plan with Private O365 Group (this will also create new O365 Group), can also create public group #$result01 = New-PlannerPlan -PlanName $PlanName -visibility Private #$PlannerPlanID = $

#Create New Office 365 Group $responde = New-AADUnifiedGroup -GroupName $GroupName -visibility Private $GroupID = $($

Start-Sleep 10

#create new plan using exsiting O365 Group $responde1 = New-PlannerPlanToGroup -PlanName $PlanName -GroupID $GroupID $PlannerPlanID = $($

#Create new Bucket $responde2 = New-PlannerBucket -PlanID $PlannerPlanID -BucketName $BucketName $PlannerPlanBucketID = $

#Create task $responde3 = New-PlannerTask -PlanID $PlannerPlanID -TaskName $TaskName -BucketID $PlannerPlanBucketID -startDate "2019.6.3" -dueDate "2019.6.30" $PlannerPlanTaskID = $

#Assign task to users Invoke-AssignPlannerTask -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -UserPrincipalNames "", ""

#Add task check list Add-PlannerTaskChecklist -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -Title "Check1" -IsChecked $false Add-PlannerTaskChecklist -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -Title "Check2" -IsChecked $true Add-PlannerTaskChecklist -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -Title "Check3" -IsChecked $false

#add task description Add-PlannerTaskDescription -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -Description "This is test task created by powershell planner module"

#Add or update labels Update-PlannerPlanCategories -PlanID $PlannerPlanID -category1 "Kieken" -category2 "smart" -category3 "very smart" -category4 "wise" -category5 "something"

#Assign Planner Task lables Invoke-AssignPlannerTaskCategories -TaskID $PlannerPlanTaskID -category1 $false -category2 $true -category3 $true -category4 $false -category5 $false -category6 $false

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