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This project aims to provide a Java wrapper to the Stack Exchange ? API.


There are two interfaces to the library.

  • Query Interface
  • Facade Interface

Get Started

Clone repository and build.

 git clone  
 cd stackoverflow-java-sdk  
 mvn clean install  

Following 3 artifacts will be generated after maven build.

  • ./dist/target/stackoverflow-java-sdk-release-XXXX-release.jar
  • ./core/target/stackexchange-java-core-XXXX.jar
  • ./schema/target/stackexchange-java-schema-XXXX.jar

Include all JARs three in your classpath

Or you simply maven dependency in your project





and start experimenting with SDK.


Source code contributions can be submitted sumitting a pull request


  • Asynchronous API Examples of using the API asynchronously are described in Asynchronous API.

  • Advanced Usage Advanced usage like changing API providers or paging through the results are described in Advanced Usage.

  • Spring Configuration If you plan to use the library in conjunction with Spring framework, this brief tutorial will guide you. Spring Configuration

  • API Design A brief design of the API is described here. API Design.

  • Query API Query API provides a Builder like syntax to the StackOverflow? API.There are similar Query interfaces for Answers, Comments, Timelines, Badges etc.

  • Switch Site Fetching records from different site are described here.

  • Advance Search Advance search feature available in SDK.

For complete stand-alone examples see Example Source.

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