Sonatype Nexus plugin to publish all debian packages in a Packages.gz so that the Nexus repository can be used as an APT repository (Debian Advanced Packagaing Tool)
Latest commit f572617 Feb 3, 2014 @sannies Update THIS REPO IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED BUT Tangresh WILL CONTINUE TO WORK ON IT

Nexus APT Plugin

this plugin generates a Packages.gz for each nexus repository and allows the repository to be listed in a debian /etc/apt/sources.list file so that it can be used by aptitude/apt-get/ubuntu software center.


The 'Downloads' section of this project contains the latest builds. Please download the latest and unzip it into the sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository/ and restart nexus.

to be sure that the index is regenerated (the plugin adds attributes to index) it could be neccessary to delete the index files under sonatype-work/nexus/indexer

All repositories now contain a Packages.gz that lists all debian packages the indexer was able to find.

Debian Packages from a Maven Build Process is a small example on how to create debs in a Maven process and works together well with this plugin.


The indexer cannot find packages when there is a main artifact with the same name: If the artifacts are named like:

  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.jar
  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.deb

The indexer won't index the debian package. In order to make the indexer index the debian package it needs a classifier:

  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.jar
  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5-all.deb

This is fine.

Adding a repository to sources.list

just add the line deb ./ to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Type apt-get update and all debian packages in the repository can now be installed via apt-get install.