Context-Aware Object Search and Retrieval
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A multi-camera object search and retrieval algorithm using matlab.

This is a matlab implementation of the papers "Context-Aware Hypergraph Modeling for Re-identification and Summarization" published in Transactions of Multimedia and "Context-Aware Graph Modeling for Object Search and Retrieval in a Wide Area Camera Network" published in ICDSC'13.


In order to run the algorithm, use the following command:

i) Run main.m: Generates the weight matrix and performs graph based query ranking.

iii) Run main_viper.m: Generates the weight matrix and performs association based ranking.

Data Processing

i) Run scripts/generateTracklets.m to create tracklets for university bikepath dataset (generateTracklets_viper.m for ViPeR Dataset).

ii) Run scripts/extractColorFeatures.m to extract color features for the generated tracklets ( extractColorFeatures_viper.m for ViPeR dataset).

iii) Run scripts/modelColorDriftPatterns.m to learn the color drift model based on the ground truth (modelColorDriftPattern_viper.m for ViPeR dataset).

iv) Run scripts/modelSpatialTemporalTopology1.m for learning spatial-temporal topology model for the university bike path dataset.


i) Download the sample dataset archive in a supported format from: and save it in the root folder

ii) Untar the data folder: tar -xzf data.tar.gz

iii) The folder structure would like this:

├── data
├── data.tar.gz
├── libs
├── scripts
└── src


[1] Santhoshkumar Sunderrajan(



If you use the code in any of your research works, please cite the following papers:

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  journal={Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on}, 
  title={Context-Aware Hypergraph Modeling for Re-identification and Summarization}, 
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  author={Sunderrajan, Santhoshkumar and Xu, Jiejun and Manjunath, BS},
  booktitle={Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC), 2013 Seventh International Conference on},


I may have used some good codes from various sources, please feel free to notify me if you find a piece of code that I need to acknowledge.