Scripts to inject demo data and network traffic into an existing Alienvault/OSSIM installation
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##Makes an AV install a demo box for fun and potential profit

This will add named assets with properties, logged in users, netflow, vulnerability scan, and more....

demo. demo. Dance!

####To install:

git clone
cd Alienvault-Demo

####Fast Install:

apt-get -y install git;git clone;cd Alienvault-Demo/;perl

The script will do all the work. Nothing to do beforehand. Nothing to do afterhand. You can re-run it with no consequences

Need to start over?

alienvault-reconfig -c -d -v --rebuild_db;sleep 15;perl

The installer will install the generators, add them to startup, and run them. In case you want to start/stop them yourself..

/etc/init.d/runpcaps [start|stop|restart]
/etc/init.d/runlogs [start|stop|restart]

####Want to add your own pcaps?

  • Add them to the ./pcaps directory
  • Done
  • The IPs will be rewritten on playback to match the assets

####Want to add your own plugins/logs?

  • Add them to the plugins directory. Everything must have the same basename.
  • You can add .sql/.log/.cfg files.
  • Re-run the installer

####Log Samples Your .log files can just be copies of logs right off a system. No need to do anything.

You can have IPs substituted for you automatically by adding a variable into your logs

Key Replaced With
<RNDIP> Random IP, Totally made up. No bounds.
<OTXIP> IP From OTX. Uses DB from install

Where are all the logfiles going?

All the generated log files are put in /var/log/demologs They will be separated by plugin. A logrotate script for them is installed automatically.

####Screenshot ScreenShot



Forked from Santiago Bassett (@santiagobassett)