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The source code of the Sanbase application in Santiment LLC
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Cast datetime from string to struct in eth wallet signal
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assets Implement dynamic watchlists May 8, 2019
bin Fix bin/ to not exclude test cases Apr 19, 2019
config Add statistics for users and watchlists Jun 12, 2019
docs Add documentation for the dynamic watchlist functions May 21, 2019
lib Cast datetime from string to struct in eth wallet signal Jun 17, 2019
priv Fix migration query expression Jun 17, 2019
test Fix timescale tests to accomodate the change with start of week day Jun 17, 2019
.dockerignore Update .dockerignore file May 30, 2019
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.env.example Remove sanbase workers and github scraper related code Jan 9, 2019
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.gitignore Hide draft insights Mar 21, 2019
.iex.exs Remove some lines from .iex.exs which were made it not possible to st… Jun 5, 2019
Dockerfile Use the replace os vars syntax for secret_key_base on prod Jun 11, 2019
Dockerfile-dev Fix Elixir version in Dockerfile. Break builds if code is not formatted May 30, 2019
Dockerfile-test Replace apk --update with apk --no-cache in docker files May 31, 2019
Jenkinsfile Update timescaledb version in the Jenkinsile Jun 17, 2019 Rename LICENSE to Dec 9, 2017 Add PR template Mar 20, 2018 Documentation of the signals API Mar 19, 2019
coveralls.json Rework the historical balances test to work with the new API Mar 6, 2019
docker-compose.yaml Docker fixes Apr 15, 2019
mix.exs Add tests for api call exporter to kafka Jun 10, 2019
mix.lock Update san_exporter_ex with correct included_applications config Jun 10, 2019
vm.args set node cookie Nov 22, 2018


This is the source of the sanbase project of

Running with docker

If you have docker you can run the app simply by running:

$ bin/

This is going to run the app on port 4000, so localhost:4000 should be accessible.

There will be no data in the database, so run this command to fill some information in the database:

$ bin/

If you want to access an IEX console attached to the running server, run:

$ bin/

Structure of the app

The API code is in lib/ and follows the phoenix 1.3 directory structure. You can read more about how to define the API endpoints from the Phoenix docs.

Running the backend tests

You can easily run the tests using docker with the command:

$ ./bin/

Setting up Hydra Oauth2 server locally

Setup Hydra locally

Grafana generic oauth setup

Triggers API

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