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XPATH to CSS translator
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Get your XPATHs translated to css automatically! (don't go to crazy on what you want to translate, this script is smart but won't do your breakfast).

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New! Use cssify from a browser:

From the console:

$ ./ '//a'
$ ./ '//a[@id="bleh"]'

From python:

>>> from cssify import cssify
>>> cssify('//a')
>>> cssify('//a[@id="bleh"]')

Testing and contributing

Supported and unsupported cases are documented by tests. If you have a request or a contribution for new conversions, include a test that proves the issue and solution and send a pull request.

To run all unit tests locally:

$ nosetests tests/

To run all Selenium tests locally (some env variables are necessary):

$ nosetests tests/
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