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# Mobile Forensics, Malware Analysis, and App Security Testing
# Mobile Forensics, Malware Analysis, and App Security Testing
Boot into Santoku and get to work, with the latest security tools and utilities focused on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
Santoku Linux is a bootable Linux ISO which you can run as Live CD or install on a PC/VM. Santoku Linux is a Free and Open Source distribution and contains the best tools from around the web with a focus on Mobile Forensics, Mobile Malware and Mobile Security.
This GitHub account serves as an issue tracker and a repository of code we've open sourced. Santoku is a pre-built Linux OS and contains many tools from 3rd party authors with varying licenses and we will be linking to their code repositories where available rather than re-hosting their code.
Santoku is currently in Alpha, please visit the project's home page and forums for more information.
+ Project website:
+ Forums:
+ Issue Tracker:
+ Twitter: @SantokuLinux

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