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This is a hub for freestyle exploration (theory) / engineering (code) of intelligent systems.

We seek to build intuition and clear understanding, designing solutions that are elegant, simple and effective.

Cross-Domain wins: Physics / NeuroBioChem / Algebra+Geometry / DynamicalSystems / InformationTheory / Prob/Stats...

OutOfTheBox: Intuition leads, theory sometimes follows.

Random keywords: Sparsity, Attention, Gating, Diffusion, ReinforcementLearning, GeometricAlgebra, Capsules, FourierTheory, Agency, Saccades, BackPropagation, ForwardForward. All good ingredients for the Quantum Soup.

Hands-on. Can you code it?


What are we currently up to?

We started by picking apart FFF (

We're currently investigating MAMBA


Popular repositories

  1. FFF FFF Public

    FastFeedForward Networks

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  2. ssm ssm Public

    HelloWorlds of SSM concepts (Hippo, H3, S4, Mamba etc)

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  3. .github .github Public


  4. nemo nemo Public

    Jupyter Notebook


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