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Imbued with wisdom. Derived from the Latin sapor, meaning flavour / taste / discernment.

Made through skill and art. Derived from the Latin word artificialis (ars meaning "art, skill," -ficialis implying "making" or "doing.".

Derived rom the Latin "intelligere.", meaning to comprehend or perceive.

An open collective of curious creative engineering minds dedicated to exploring and advancing the frontier of AI.
Created on 24 November 2023 (pi, Bojan)

We spend our time (mostly on Discord) collectively figuring out the best thing we could be building, and building it.

We welcome careful drivers.


Humans are at a critical evolutionary point. Now is a good time to align, focus, grind, know thyself. We need to get this right.

Identifying a good frontier-point from which to advance is difficult, as it involves hitting a moving target -- keeping abreast of publications and predicting trajectories; work takes time.

e.g. Last year LLMs had 4k context windows, now 100k(in) + 8k(out) is available. This changes the game for agentic systems.

We are in the process of building a product, forming a company, spinning the money wheel, buying GPU time plus the freedom to fund an AI research lab.


This is a hub for freestyle exploration (theory) / engineering (code) of intelligent systems.

We seek to build intuition and clear understanding, designing solutions that are elegant, simple and effective.

Cross-Domain wins: Physics / NeuroBioChem / Algebra+Geometry / DynamicalSystems / InformationTheory / Prob/Stats...

OutOfTheBox: Intuition leads, theory sometimes follows.

Random keywords: Bio-inspired, Neuromorphic, Sparsity, Attention, Gating, Recurrence, Diffusion, Reinforcement, Agency, Saccades, BackPropagation, ForwardForward. All good ingredients for the Quantum Soup.

Hands-on. Can you code it?

Who are we?

Most of us are listed on the Discord in the /intros channel.

Here are some of the things we are working on:

  • (pi*) An agentic system that self-evolves under human guidance
  • (Bojan) Full Spectrum research, Alignment
  • (CatId) LLM architecture, local deployment, fine-tuning
  • (BeeGass) SSM innovations
  • (GreyGoo) Fullstack dev (AI-centric)
  • (Hong) Research / mathy things
  • (Buttercutter) Neuromorphic / Quantum

(* pi led AutoGPT in Spring 2023)

GPU sponsorship and investment

We're looking for two A100 GPUs to use for a few weeks.

We want to host our own Llama3 70B model and develop a (multi-GPU) chassis for evaluating LLM fine-tuning / alignment strategies.

Is there anyone out there that has one we can use? If so, please contact, and we would be proud to acknowledge out sponsor(s) here.

Once we have a stable product, we'll want to offer a web-service and scale up to meet demand. But one step at a time.



What do we DO?

We spend our time:

  • figuring out the GOAL (eternal WiP) -- yes money is nice, but what is our desired outcome as humans building AI?
  • figuring out how to get there:
    • honing awareness of the OBSTACLES taking inspiration from biology
    • monitoring SotA AI (lots of reading arXiv (etc.) papers)
    • improving our understanding
    • building/creating stuff (active exploration, tinkering)

🚀 ❤️

Last updated by pi 4 May 2024

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    Minimal Python async (trio) HTTPS client for Anthropic's Claude AI

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    Minimal Python async (trio) HTTPS client for Anthropic's Claude AI

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    HelloWorlds of SSM concepts (Hippo, H3, S4, Mamba etc)

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    FastFeedForward Networks

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