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Open source libraries to aid in the creation of Discord bots


  1. framework framework Public

    Discord bot framework built on top of discord.js for advanced and amazing bots.

    TypeScript 590 70

  2. awesome-sapphire awesome-sapphire Public

    Manually curated collection of resources, plugins, utilities, and other assortments for the Sapphire Community projects.

    JavaScript 26 4

  3. utilities utilities Public

    Common JavaScript utilities for Sapphire Projects

    TypeScript 141 32

  4. plugins plugins Public

    Plugins for the Sapphire Framework

    TypeScript 62 36

  5. cli cli Public

    CLI for the Sapphire Framework

    TypeScript 15 9

  6. shapeshift shapeshift Public

    Blazing fast input validation and transformation ⚡

    TypeScript 89 13


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