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Appa Sariicon is a collection of 147 webfont icons that are carefully designed for Web and Mobile Apps
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Appa Sariicon

Appa Sariicon is a collection of 147 web font icons that are carefully designed by Sariina to use in complex Web Applications. We designed it while we were developing our advanced SMS panel. Since our product had many rare concepts, we decided to design our own set of icons. The 8-bit retro style is a reference to old cell phones with just B/W screens.

View Demo in Here

Add Appa Sariicon to your project

  1. Create a new file called bower.json (if you don't have one already).

  2. Add a new line for the Octicon dependency, pointing to the correct repository:

  "name": "my_great_project",
  "dependencies": {
    "appa-sariicon": "*"
  1. Run bower install. The Octicons styles will be downloaded to bower_components/appa-sariicon.

  2. Link to the appa-sariicon.css stylesheet in the <head> of your <html> page:

There are two kinds of CSS files in this repo:

  • appa-sariicon-embeded which has "Appa Sariicon" embedded inside the CSS in base64

  • appa-sariicon.min or appa-sariicon which is a normal @font-face with eot,svg,ttf and woff files

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="bower_components/appa-sariicon/appa-sariicon.min.css">
  1. Use "i" tags and add classes with "sar sar-[name]" pattern:
  <i class="sar sar-env"></i>
  <i class="sar sar-shortnumber-add"></i>
  <i class="sar sar-text-pro"></i>



  • 2.0 Redesigned from ground up in 16*16 square base
  • 1.0 Initial release
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