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a cocos2d menu whose items are laid out radially
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CCMenu's builtin layouts are limited to a grid. This subclass offers a radial layout for spacing its items out evenly on a circle. The following screenshot demonstrates a CCRadialMenu whose items are Japanese characters:

CCRadialMenu example

(the colored dots are a separate game element not provided by CCRadialMenu)

#import "CCRadialMenu.h"

NSArray *menuItems = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                        [CCMenuItemFont itemWithString:@"A"],
                        [CCMenuItemFont itemWithString:@"B"],
                        [CCMenuItemFont itemWithString:@"C"],
CCRadialMenu *menu = [CCRadialMenu radialMenuWithArray:menuItems radius:50];
menu.position = ccp(100, 100);
[menu alignItemsRadially];
[self addChild:menu];

Alternatively, if you want a swirl-out effect like in KanaSwirl,

CCRadialMenu *menu = [CCRadialMenu radialMenuWithArray:menuItems radius:50 swirlOutDuration:1.0];
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