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Drop this into .twitter-credentials (in this app directory, not ~):

        "consumer_key"        : "xxx",
        "consumer_secret"     : "xxx",
        "access_token"        : "xxx",
        "access_token_secret" : "xxx"

Set up a cron job:

    @hourly /usr/bin/zsh --login -c "cd /path/to/Sartak-Microblog; perl -Ilib bin/import-latest sartak"

Move posts.psgi into dropbox and symlink it back into here. (you have dropbox running on a server right?)

    fix-language: for identifying whether a tweet is english or japanese (since they get put into separate feeds)

    import-csv: for importing historical tweets, which takes the CSV that the twitter archive export provides

    import-latest: use the twitter API to pull in your last few tweets

    migrate-1: for migrating the database across schema changes. this example pulls "id" out of the "cruft" column (which I use to hold onto all the tweet metadata twitter gives)

    unminify-urls: for resolving etc short URLs. import-latest does this automatically for only (since that's how I tweet), import-csv doesn't do it at all (since it's ~expensive). this script handles all redirects not just