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🦇 A simple toolbar to drag and drop images from unsplash to anywhere.


1. Drag and Drop image anywhere

Simply drag and drop image anywhere. It supports all the software that has drag and drop image options that includes all Adobe Softwares, Microsoft Office etc.

2. Use Original to drop image with original size

Dragula use smart edits to give a perfect landscape image that you can use, but in case you want to use the full image click original to see the original unedited version.

3. Search Image

You can also search random images form dragula. Just type the keyword and enter, easy as that.

4. Copy image as Markdown

If you use Markdown, get markdown image code copied on your clipboard by just a click.

5. Download image

Download image to your download folder by just one click.


Before running this locally you must have these installed

  • Node
  • Electron


It's built in electron so the process to start this is really easy

  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm start

That's it.


You can download latest prebuilt binaries for windows and macos from releases

If you would like to download and run dragula from source see development section below.


On linux you can install dragula easily by downloading the latest release

Debian Based(Ubuntu/LinuxMint)

sudo dpkg -i dragula_*_amd64.deb


You can run appimage from commandline or you can add it to your path



tar -xvf dragula-*.tar.gz
cd dragula


Feel free to contribute to this project and treat it like your own. 😊

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MIT License


Sarthak Sharma


Icons used from flaticon