Linux backport of Waze (free, community-based traffic & navigation app -
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This is initial backport of Waze ( to Linux.

To install:

1. Build as regular user:

    $ make

(Some build dependencies may be needed. For examle for Ubuntu it is:
 - libgps-dev
 - libsqlite3-dev
 - libgtk2.0-dev
 - libagg-dev
 - libfribidi-dev
 - libssl-dev

2. Install some resource files in user's home directory:

    make install-user

, default installation directory is ~/.waze .

Note that this step is needed per each user which is supposed to use waze.

2. Install waze binary shared resources as root:

    make install

, default installation of waze binary is '/usr/local/bin/waze', installation
path for resource directory is '/usr/local/share/waze' (both is changeable
using PREFIX variable).

To run:

    $ waze