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@mgreter mgreter released this 21 May 00:57
· 8 commits to master since this release

Maintenance release

Probably the last 3.6.x release until LibSass 4.0 gets out. Estimates to when that version will come out and when it will reach your favorite implementation is still unknown, but will certainly happen at some point in the future. This release improves once more the previously crippled complex selector extend functionality, and I hope this addresses all remaining issues without breaking any compatibility to latest Sass specs. Additionally it fixes an issue with the initialization of our random number generator on newer AMD CPUs and some improvements with source-maps and unicode characters, plus a few other bug-fixes here and there.


  • Fix extend edge case going endlessly (@mgreter #3081)
  • Fix source-maps and how we count unicode characters (@mgreter #3096)
  • Fix seed generator if std::random_device fails (@benbucksch #3151)
  • Fix url() containing exclamation mark causing an error (#2880)
  • Fix Offset initialization when end was not given (@ihsinme #3131)
  • Fix obvious backporting error in pseudo extend (@mgreter #3136)
  • Fix obvious identical subexpressions in op_color_number (@ariccio #3148)
  • Fix edge case regarding unit-less number equality as object keys (@mgreter #3095)
  • Revert compound re-ordering for non extended selectors (@mgreter #3100)
  • Prevent compiler warning about unnecessary copy (@acocuzzo #3129)
  • Replace Travis CI with GitHub Actions (@mgreter #3150)