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[Sass] Update the docs for @warn and related functionality.

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## 3.0.0.beta.2 (Unreleased)
+### `@warn`
+A new directive `@warn` has been added that allows sass libraries to emit warnings. This can be used to issue deprecation warnings, discourage sloppy coding, etc.
+`@warn` takes a single argument that is a SassScript expression that will be
+displayed on the console along with a stylesheet trace.
+Warnings may be silenced with the new `--quiet` command line option,
+or the corresponding `:quiet` Sass option. Warnings are off by default
+in Rails and Merb production environments.
### `sass-convert`
#### `--recursive`
@@ -287,6 +287,9 @@ Available options are:
Currently, this just means that strings in mixin arguments
are treated as though they were in [an `=` context](#sass-script-strings).
+{#quiet-option} `:quiet`
+: When set to true, causes warnings to be disabled.
## CSS Extensions
### Nested Rules
@@ -898,8 +901,7 @@ and `_colors.scss` would be imported.
The `@debug` directive prints the value of a SassScript expression
to the standard error output stream.
It's useful for debugging Sass files
-that have complicated SassScript going on,
-or for printing warnings in libraries.
+that have complicated SassScript going on.
For example:
@debug 10em + 12em;
@@ -908,6 +910,20 @@ outputs:
Line 1 DEBUG: 22em
+### `@warn`
+The `@warn` directive prints the value of a SassScript expression
+to the standard error output stream.
+It's useful for libraries that need to warn users of deprecations
+or recovering from minor coding mistakes. There are two major distinctions
+between `@warn` and `@debug`:
+1. You can turn warnings off with the `--quiet` command-line option
+ or the `:quiet` Sass option.
+2. A stylesheet trace will be printed out along with the message
+ so that the user being warned can see where they are calling from
+ their code.
## Control Directives
SassScript supports basic control directives

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